Sometimes it seems like 90% of /r/CFB straight up doesn't watch any other sports

I'm thinking about writing a .NET library to post to by literally logging in and sending the post form data

I've got two monitors with the exact same screen size, and for some reason, whichever one is farther away and off to the side seems larger.

I ended up putting the one with the bigger bezel in the center, because otherwise it looked kinda ugly.

distant plant shared Tuesday, November 28

extremely local hot take

There's no reason WKBT's second digital subchannel needs to be HD. Uses too much bandwidth

"Soleil" might be a punchier name but "Crusader of Centy" is way easier to do an internet search for

it is so incredibly on-brand for .NET developers that defaults to light mode

AI discussion, vaccines

As a server mod, there are real, obvious reasons you'd want to ban AI-generated content. And yet a lot of the no-AI rules I've seen in Discord, Mastodon, and Reddit feel like they have an anti-technological undercurrent to them, built more on fear of the unknown than actual understanding.

It reminds me of how people distrust processed foods, not for the sugar and salt content, but because they can't pronounce the names of the ingredients. There's a lot of overlap between that mindset and the whole vaccines-causing-autism crowd.

I'm afraid that reflexive, unthinking reactions to AI could cause anti-technology attitudes that hurt accessibility for people who depend on technology in their day-to-day lives.

distant plant shared Sunday, November 19

If you like football, and you're not Canadian, you can just go to and watch the Grey Cup right now. You just need to give them an email address - I don't think it even has to be a real one

I turned off my TV playing YouTube Music and a full two minutes layer my phone suddenly starts playing I Should Be So Lucky. I guess I should complain but on the other hand I love that song

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the marvels out of context spoilers

I saw the headline and the thumbnail and was like "I bet it's the racoon" and I was right

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Mastodon culture complaint / me being petty

I once saw a post from someone I followed saying "since you are on Mastodon, you agree that..." - and I immediately unfollowed that person. I'm not on Mastodon and even if I were, I resent the assumption that the software I use (not even the server, the software!!) defines my cultural values.

YouTube Premium tip: the Premium subscription is tied to your Google account, not your YouTube brand account - so if your brand account is tied to more than one Google account, make sure your YouTube apps are logged into the one with the subscription, and not the one without.

Anyone know how to keep Discord from automatically adding me to the servers of people I back on Patreon? Just because I want to support their work doesn't mean I want to engage with their other followers in such an intimate setting

You know, if I asked someone who was a native speaker of, say, Chinese who was learning the Latin alphabet for the first time, I bet they would say that the Loco-Motion is easier