I drew that literally 10 years ago

distant plant shared Friday, January 19, 2024

I think the Twitch app on my TV box freezes when there's too much activity in chat

I love the Pikmin 4 speedrun at ADGQ this year. It has everything: intended gameplay, unintended gameplay, and guessing

I'm thinking now about making a variant of Crowmask that pulls posts from DeviantArt instead of Weasyl. It would simplify some things (all posts have GUIDs) and I'm more active there, but I would have to add an OAuth login flow.

I wonder if I should call it Crowmask 2.x, or give it a new name? I'm leaning towards the former.

(I'd rather not have one codebase that pulls from both - there's not much use case for it.)

distant plant shared Thursday, January 11, 2024
distant plant shared Monday, January 8, 2024

I'm following 30 accounts besides my own, across 20 servers. Only two of those run something besides Mastodon

I found out recently that my alma mater's new events center (+ basketball arena) will also have a 100-yard indoor fieldhouse. I'm really hoping they can use that as a backup venue for softball games! One year when I was in college, all their home games got cancelled on account of rain or snow until nationals.

I don't know where the myth started that the Packers are owned by the municipal government of Green Bay, and not by shareholders, but I really hope it was with Danny Phantom

Working on an ActivityPub project has shown me that JSON-LD is easier than it looks, and HTTP signatures are a lot harder

My cable doesn't have Nickelodeon so I signed up for a free trial of Philo to see the football game today, and now I've got a week of MTV Classic. Love the variety they've got.

I had a dream that they had a Christmas ornament that was like a snow globe but cone-shaped, like a tree, and inside was little figurines of the members of Steps, and when you pressed a button on the bottom it would play a beep-boop version of Last Thing On My Mind. Kind of weird that they'd pick a cover song. But I guess this ornament does exist Only In My Dreams

they're talking about heat pumps on a local infomercial in WI, that's how you know they're popular

distant plant shared Thursday, December 14, 2023

I kind of want to see if I can port this to .NET https://github.com/jakelazaroff/activitypub-starter-kit/tree/main/src

Sometimes it seems like 90% of /r/CFB straight up doesn't watch any other sports

I've got two monitors with the exact same screen size, and for some reason, whichever one is farther away and off to the side seems larger.

I ended up putting the one with the bigger bezel in the center, because otherwise it looked kinda ugly.

distant plant shared Tuesday, November 28, 2023