distant plant shared Monday, September 18, 2023

I can't be the only one who's thought that could do a really good cover of this classic Dionne Warwick / Bee Gees song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xHQsMYosao Question is, what would the dance moves be?

distant plant shared Wednesday, September 6, 2023

I was worried that Minnesota wouldn't make it because of geography but they made the cut!


I liked Blue Beetle! Details below

The family is great! Don't worry if the movie seems disjointed at first, Jaime's family only gets more central to the movie in the back half (which is also where you find a lot of the fun stuff that doesn't make it into the trailer).

Susan Sarandon's villain worked better than I expected - I could go into detail but I doubt anyone wants to hear that from me.

The symbiote thing isn't explored a whole lot but that's absolutely the right move, that sort of thing needs its own movie.

It's not my favorite superhero film (Ant-Man and the Wasp) or the movie I enjoyed the most this year (Ruby Gillman) but Jaime is still my favorite superhero and I'm glad I don't have to explain who he is to people anymore! I hope we can see more of these characters now that we're past the origin story heavy lifting.

I just this week found out about Steps and I feel like I've traveled to a whole alternate universe of catchy 90s pop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDZoefLylcY&pp=ygUYc3RlcHMgc2F5IHlvdSdsbCBiZSBtaW5l

If DC Comic's "Beast World" doesn't have Blue Beetle becoming an actual giant beetle than what even are we doing here

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The difference between a singleton object and a class in object-oriented programming is basically the difference between "Yoshi" and "a Yoshi" in Super Mario World

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two hours until the last two episodes of here in the states

Just moved this instance back to Azure on a new, incredibly cheap spot VM. Don't be surprised if it goes down sometimes!

I've always thought it'd be nice to turn into a fire-breathing dragon, so when you've drank all the water in the glass and it's just ice left, you could melt the ice and have more water.

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Why are so many '90s music videos set on spaceships?

@daystrominstitute@startrek.website What can we know (or at least guess) about Tellarite culture and behavior from Jankom Pog?

This is going to be pretty open-ended, but I'm curious: given that Jankom is the only Tellarite main cast member of any Star Trek series, what might his personality, behavior, relationships (etc.) tell us about Tellarites as a whole, or their relationships with other species within or outside the Federation? Obviously, it's not easy to know much from Jankom in particular (given that he's a kid and grew up among pre-Federation Tellarites), but thematically, I think it would be nice if one could draw some lines (even if it's wild speculation) between his his role in the team, and the fact that the Tellarites we see in ENT not only help found the Federation, but never leave it, even after the Burn (IMO, one of the most fascinating bits of worldbuilding that's ever been dropped in an off-screen monologue).

The pitcher can only disengage from the pitchers mound twice in a plate appearance before they will need to find a tile with emblem energy to refill their engage meter